Justin Bieber u shpreh se nuk mund të kujtonte tekstin e këngës së tij “Despacito” por ky ndoshta ka qënë një justifikim për shkak të tekstit “të pistë” që ajo ka.
Një përkthim i tekstit nga spanjisht në Anglisht është publikuar nga “Billborard”.
Ja cili është ai:

Yes, you know that I’ve been looking at you for a long time
I must dance with you today (DY)
Daddy Yankee
I saw that the look in your eyes was calling me
Show me the path that I will take (Oh)
Luis Fonsi
You, you’re the magnet and I’m the metal
I am getting closer and making a plan
Simply thinking about it makes my heart race (Oh yeah)
Daddy Yankee
Now, I’m already liking it more than usual
All of my senses are asking for more
We cannot do this in a rush
Luis Fonsi
I want to breathe in your neck slowly
Let me murmur things in your ear
So that you remember if you’re not with me
I want to undress you in kisses slowly
Firmly in the walls of your labyrinth
And of your body, I want to create a manuscript
Up, up
I want to see your hair dance
I want to be your rhythm
Want you to show my mouth
Your favorite places (Favorite, favorite baby)
Let me trespass your danger zones
Until I make you scream
And you forget your last name
Daddy Yankee
If I ask for a kiss come give it to me
I know that you’re thinking about it
I’ve been trying to do it for awhile
Mami this is giving and giving it to you
You know that with me your heart goes bom bom
You know that from me that babe is looking for a bom bom
Come try my mouth and see if you like its taste
I want to see how much love fits in you
I’m not in a rush I want to experience this trip
Let’s start slowly, then savagely
Step by step, soft then softly
We come up against each other, little by little
When you kiss me in that state of distress
I see that you are malice and delicacy
Step by step, soft then softly
We come up against each other, little by little
And it’s just that your beauty is a puzzle
But to finish it here I have the missing piece
Luis Fonsi./